Six Nations on TV and Where Is the World Series of Sevens?

From: Jeffrey Anderson

This was supposed to be a banner year for rugby on American TV with all the bold announcements that NBC Sports made last Fall.

First, the Six Nations: NBC got the rights away from BeInSport, but forewarned us that it would be an abbreviated schedule this winter due to coverage of the Winter Olympics. It sure is. NBC Sports Network will only cover rounds 1, 4, and 5 of the Six Nations – and even then two of the matches will be on CNBC. Want to watch rounds 2 and 3? You can see them on NBC’s online feed…for 60 bucks! I’m not kidding. They have a 14-month online rugby package from last July to this August 8, 2018. That is the only way – other than maybe Grace O’Malley’s perhaps – to see rounds 2 and 3 Feb. 10/11 and Feb. 23/24.

Sooooo…this weekend is round 1, all on NBCSN, Cox 34 or 1034 (HD):

Saturday 12:30PM – Wales v Scotland
Saturday 2:30PM – France/Ireland
Sunday 2:00PM – Italy/England

Now for the World Series of Sevens: NBCSN had the first stop in Dubai scheduled up to a few days ahead of time, but then pulled it. So where are the Sevens? On ESPN3, live and free. No TV coverage, but at least you can see each stop live, free, and on your computer, tablet, or cell. I have no idea how rival ESPN ended up with them. I’m hoping that somehow the Vegas Sevens gets some TV coverage. I’ll let you know.

It’s pretty bleak out there. Enjoy what you can,

Shenango Valley native Holsopple headed to rugby all-star tour | Sports |

Shenango Valley native Matt Holsopple continues to make his mark in the growing sport of rugby – which is on the verge of going major league. Based on a recent all-star match, Holsopple has been selected for the Capital (Rugby Union) Selects, who will visit the Houston SaberCats on Feb. 3.

Sabercats Sell Out Preseason Opener | Rugby Today

Of note: (a) young Cecil Garber was playing for Houston and (b) the Capital Selects will be playing them in the next month.

The Houston Sabercats beat Seattle Saracens 50-7 Saturday at Constellation Field in Sugar Land, Texas. It marked the first official preseason match for the Sabercats, with more than 5,300 people crossing the turnstiles to get a glimpse.

Shorter, simpler law book comes into force on 1/1/2018

After a thorough re-write to make things simpler for all of rugby’s stakeholders, the new law book comes into play today (1 January 2018). You can download a copy by clicking the image.

It’s 42% shorter than it was before although the World Rugby group involved in the re-write, maintain that nothing has been removed.

But, a warning, the new book does not include the global experimental law variations we are all now operating under. You’ll need to still use the law variations as outlined here, but obviously the law number references are now all wrong.